Gary and Kim Shockley


Gary and Kim met in college, followed individual calls to ministry, achieved advanced degrees, and invested their gifts and passions for helping others in a variety of settings all over the country.  Kim committed to being a lay person and Gary an ordained clergy to forge a unique partnership that has grown stronger over their decades together.  Gary and Kim are perpetually curious, astute observers of change and skilled in helping others navigate to places of greater vitality and joy. Partners in life–partners in service! Kim and Gary have two grown sons, two grandchildren, multiple grandpets and their own fur baby Zoe. The Shockleys live in Huntersville, North Carolina which they consider to be their home base for work that continues to take them around the country.

Shockley2 - 2018Kim Shockley is an ICF Coach (International Coaching Federation) and holds a Bachelors degree from West Virginia Wesleyan College and a Master’s degree from Ashland Theological Seminary in Ashland, Ohio. Kim has been trained in several venues as a ministry and leadership coach for pastors and lay leadership teams.  She has worked for several judicatories in the area of congregational excellence and vitality, specifically working with local congregations to gain clarity and move forward from a more focused understanding of how God wants to use them now.  She served as the Team Leader for a research project called Toward Vitality that discovered healthy ways congregations moved through change and transitions.

Kim and Gary co-authored Imagining Church: Seeing Hope in a World of Change for Alban Institute in 2009.  They have worked, unofficially, as ministry partners during their 39 year marriage, starting two new congregations for the United Methodist Church.

In 2013 Kim and Paul Nixon published The Surprise Factor for Abingdon Press.  The book highlights ten strategies (intentional decisions) that are helpful for leading fruitful and vital congregations.

As a ministry/leadership coach, facilitator and consultant, Kim’s specializes in working with pastors in turn-around congregations.  She encourages pastors and lay leadership teams to promote making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world as the focus for their work.  Much of this work is accomplished by paying attention to obstacles, working to overcome the obstacles, and holding congregations accountable to Christian behavior.

garyRev. Gary Shockley is an elder of the United Methodist Church. He received a Master of Divinity degree from Ashland Theological Seminary in Ashland, Ohio and a Master of Arts degree in Formative Spirituality and Counseling from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA where he completed coursework toward a PhD and received training in Spiritual Direction.

After completing an extended CPE internship at a Trauma 1 Center in Charlotte NC, Gary now serves as a Professional Health Care Chaplain over two hospice inpatient units in the Charlotte region. Gary recently completed training in ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), which is a third wave cognitive behavioral therapy he has integrated into his practice. Gary is on currently on track toward becoming a Licensed  Pastoral Counselor in North Carolina.

Gary is the author of seven books with a focus on leadership, spirituality and vital living including The Meandering Way and Everywhere God. Gary is a member of SDI (Spiritual Directors International) and ACBS (Association for Contextual Behavioral Science).

As a visual and performance artist, Gary loves to get his hands messy in water, oil, and acrylic paints and uses sand and light to create stories to inform, inspire and ignite joy in others. Gary loves to incorporate various art mediums in his counseling and spiritual direction work. You can view some of Gary’s artistic on the Creative Arts tab in
the menu.

Contact Gary:     704-577-0021

Contact Kim:      407-276-5114


2 Comments on “Gary and Kim Shockley

  1. What a joy to read your bios! You guys are awesome (overused word, I know). Whoever comes into your guidance is going to be blessed. I wish you all the success you can handle. God bless you all ways and always!

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